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Ad Group Inc. is a full service advertising firm specializing solely in the Hispanic Market in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Our firm strongest assets are:

- Effective Creativity
- Marketing Expertise
- Wise Management of Client's Budget

While Ad Group Inc. boast the creative ability and professionalism of a big ad agency, we remain a downsized company with an overhead low enough to provide our effective services at small company costs.
It is our belief that the approach to have towards the ever growing Spanish speaking market is quite simple: you either make a  well defined effort to approach and communicate correctly with it or your opportunity to grow in that direction is forever delayed.
With us you will find no voodoo economics, no translations or adaptations and definitely no marketing "brujerias". Just plain old common sense, immense creative talent, a well planned marketing and advertising course of action and lots of cultural sensitivity. Allow us to present to you well targeted executions that will yield concrete results.





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