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With over 325 billion dollars in purchasing power, it is easy to see why this is a market well worth tapping into.
Your ad campaign may not be making the impact it should in the Hispanic Market due to a simple lack of communication; in essence, Hispanics may feel that your ads do not "speak" to them
and alienates them literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, simply translating your ideas into Spanish does not mean that your message will be successful. Although the Hispanic Market
is defined primarily on a linguistic basis, it is very complex since it is formed by an array of different cultures, customs and traditions.

The Hispanic Market is ripe and ready for the picking but only if you are able to accomplish a correct evaluation of the behavioral patterns and consumer habits typical of each of these very different groups.
Each market deserves its own study, conclusions and implementations, and it must be treated as a separate entity in order to insure that an effective and cohesive general advertising strategy is developed and fitted in the scheme of a National Hispanic Market Campaign.





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